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The second CRAN release of toRvik went live on September 9, 2022, which followed the push of version 1.1.0.

The updates for 1.1.0 focused on increasing data retrieval speeds by shifting many demanding functions to a dedicated Fast API framework written in Python. Not only does this result in speed improvements but also protects against harmful data restructuring that might occur and break functions.

In addition to the shift to an API, v1.1.0 bring several exciting new features to toRvik:

  • Added bart_game_prediction and bart_tournament_prediction functions to perfectly replicate, using the same data, the industry-leading Barttorvik prediction models.
  • Added transfer_portal function to retreieve extensive transfer histories for more than 5,300 players back to 2008. Each player is matched with a unique ID that can be joined to any of the player statistics functions.
  • Added player_recruiting_rankings to retrieve recruiting rankings across three major services (247Sports, ESPN, and Rivals) and player high school meta data. Like transfer_portal, each player is similarly matched with a unique ID.
  • Removed support for bart_transfers, bart_pro, and bart_team_schedule functions.